Image courtesy of Margie Louw - taken with an iPhone!

Kiboko Khaya (Hippo place), is a very special place. The majority of the photographic work shown on my site has been created there.  Nestling under the riverine trees within Greitjie PNR - a 3,h000 hectare private nature reserve that forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park - the magnificent deck, an extension of our tiny house, has become a glorified photographic and viewing hide.  Animals are free to roam at will over huge areas, and being just a stone’s-throw from the ever-changing Olifants River, opportunities for photography abound.


Right and left, hippos having a bit of a scrap - taken from the deck. Centre Hippo and calf - from picnic site on Grietjie
Below Nile crocodile taken from bank below deck

Nile Crocodile

Wildlife on Grietjie is similar to wildlife in the Kruger National Park, to which it is directly related, but the added attraction of Grietjie is one of freedom and proximity to the animals within our own space.  The big “5”, rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard are often seen on Grietjie.  However, a little caution is required, as Kruger National Park rules are not enforced here!

Kiboko Khaya is truly inspirational.  From the moment anyone sets foot on the reserve, it is impossible not to be stimulated to want to become a more creative photographer. 

My images and style have definitely developed over the past 12 years.

View from the Deck